Pierced Earring
Lotus・Lapis Lazuli
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CREST_Pierced Earrings_Lotus_Lapis Lazuli

This pair of Lapis Lazuli earrings is a vivid blue with gold inclusions and looks as if they were cut from the shimmering night sky.

The eye-catching blue color and opulent silhouette make these earrings the perfect star of your outfit.

Note: This product is made from natural stones, and each gemstone is different in beauty, so the colors and patterns will vary from one to another, as shown in the respective images.



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K18YG & Lapis Lazuli


**Sold as a PAIR.
** Because it is a natural stone, the beauty of the colors and patterns will vary from piece to piece. The images of the jewelry on this site are for visual reference only.
** This jewelry is also sold in our physical store. We check the stock status at any time, but even if the item is "in stock", it may be out of stock depending on the timing, and we will contact you in that case.
** When the jewelry is in stock, it will be shipped about 1 to 2 weeks after the order is placed.